About That Cyber Snake Oil You're Being Pressured To Buy

You can have thousands of new website visitors in weeks!
You can have the #1 spot in Google within a month!
Your website is breaking a number of search engine rules which must be fixed immediately!

These are actual statements by supposed website “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) specialists.

It’s very similar to a practice also found in the construction industry: a home builder says they can construct your new home significantly quicker and cheaper than anyone else. Invariably, you later discover the builder cut corners and/or used substandard materials, leaving you to pay for essential repairs or renovations.

No matter if it’s a new home or a new website, these modern-day snake oil salesmen can and do take advantage of a person’s naiveté. To have the upper hand:

1. Understand what really makes the difference. A few months ago, a Google Senior Manager revealed the three most important criteria Google uses to rank a website’s placement in its search engine results:

  • Quality Content, or the relevance of a webpage’s content based on several factors, including originality and how often you use certain words in that content.
  • Authority, or the number of links pointing to a webpage and how trustworthy those links are.
  • RankBrain (Google’s artificial intelligence system which helps sort through its search results).

Although you can’t directly control RankBrain, you can control the quantity and quality of your website’s content and, to a lesser degree, the links which point to it.

2. Find a great writer. This is essential. When consulting an SEO “expert”, ask about their professional writing experience. How long have they been a copywriter? Where did they learn about and hone their professional copywriting skills? What results has their copywriting brought about for their clients?

3. If the SEO “expert” guarantees a certain number of links to your content, run away from them. Again, ask about past results and how transparent their operations and data are to you.

Legitimate SEO takes time to build and often longer to see results. You can succeed at it…provided you don’t give in to the cyber snake oil salesmen.