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Why Work With Nonprofit Marketing?

To effectively market your nonprofit, you have three choices:

1. Do It Yourself

Just to be competitive, you'll need several years of experience in marketing, web development, Search Engine Optimization, content research and writing, video production, digital advertising and social media strategy development.

2. Have an employee, board member or volunteer do it

To do it right, they'll need all the above skills and experience. Otherwise, you're highly likely to be paying them to have your marketing just treading water. Why? They need to do what even professional marketers find challenging: stay abreast of marketing's best practices.

3. Hire a Marketing Director or an agency

Pay thousands of dollars monthly to perform all the above tasks.

  • With a Marketing Director, you'll need to cough up at least $60K/year, including benefits. Even then, at that salary, you may not retain them beyond a few years.
  • With an agency, you'll be paying a lot of overhead -- for example, their receptionist, site lease, health benefits, unemployment, utilities, etc. Availability: 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

Nonprofit Marketing introduces a fourth -- and better -- option:

4. Work with a Virtual Marketing Director!

Outsource your marketing!

Why? Because when compared with a typical marketing agency, Nonprofit Marketing offers:

  • Greater availability: We're open 9am-9pm, Monday-Saturday (far better than any agency).
  • Better responsiveness: We return your email or phone call within a few hours -- no more than one business day.
  • Considerable experience: Unlike some who specialize in 1-2 things then outsource the rest, we have a broad range of specialties. We outsource to no one, ensuring greater communication and control over projects.
  • Proactive communication: You'll hear from us monthly with insights into your marketing and how to improve it. This ensures a continuous cycle of improvement in your marketing.

You pay:

  • FAR less for than you would for a Marketing Director or agency.
  • No overhead!
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